3 Reasons to Buy a Yamaha 88 Key Portable Keyboard and Have Fun Using it!

Phazer 88 key Portable Computer keyboard is a very good option for somebody that is buying budget lightweight keyboard.

Many years back it was impossible to own a piano if you did not have sufficient cash and plenty of space for your keyboard. Things have changed a lot since then and it is now possible to own a digital piano that has piano-like keys, occupies less space and is far more lightweight. repair speaker

Digital pianos can be bought in many different looks. You get pianos that look like traditional upright pianos but if you wish to go for something even cheaper and lightweight, have a look at Yamaha 88 key lightweight keyboard.

So what are the three factors behind owning a Yamaha 88 key Portable Keyboard?

you. Selection of 88 keys lightweight input keys

You get a lot of options if you are buying Phazer 88 key Portable Computer keyboard, and these are high quality stuff too.

You may go in for the YPG / DGX series of piano-keyboards from Phazer. These piano-keyboards have 88 keys and have integrated musical styles, songs and effects, much similar to an arranger keyboard.

Nevertheless if you are a person who is not really considering musical styles and effects, and is looking for good keyboard sounds and keys, you can go in for Yamaha stage pianos. The stage pianos like the p-series do not come with built-in musical styles.

2. Light-weight and Lightweight

The above mentioned piano-keyboards from Yamaha are fairly light-weight and portable, unlike the large upright pianos which are so hard to move around.

A Yamaha 88 key lightweight keyboard one the other side of the gold coin hand is light-weight. If you wish to carry it along to learn with a group of friends or for some stage show, you may easily do so with your Yamaha 88 key lightweight keyboard. Stage pianos in the CP-series are not only lightweight but extremely powerful and are being used by pros for onstage performances.

3. Graded Sort Keys

The models in the Yamaha digital pianos have weighted as well as graded hammer important factors. The more expensive models of the Yamaha 88 key piano keyboards feature the Graded Hammer Result which emulates real piano keys. Such as a real audio piano, their keys are heavier in the lower octaves and become lighter weight in the higher octaves.

A high level00 scholar, these graded hammer secrets will help develop your finger strength right from the start; something which regular music keyboards do not offer. So if you practice enough, eventually you can show-off your skills on a real acoustic piano as well.


A Yamaha 88 key lightweight keyboard is a cost effective option of owning a digital piano. If you have always dreamt of learning to play the keyboard, Yamaha piano keyboards offer you an affordable option without compromising on the audio quality and feel of the keys. It is also a much lightweight option compared to a home piano, in circumstance you want to put it to use for on-stage performances. Therefore enjoy playing the keyboard with your Yamaha 88 key Portable Keyboard.