The Prestigio Massage Chair

You must have a look at the Reputación OM-510 massage chair. This sports a sophisticated design with a seamless technology to bring you an excellent massaging chair. This couch posseses a progressive roller system that gives you a more even massage pressure throughout your entire back. The Renombre 0M 510 comes with an attractive design that has wood armrests and matching side table. Here

The Prestigio massage chair is shaped in the molded to raised support your backside. In addition, it comes with four layers of cushions for supporting the spine. This permits you to replace the intensity of the rub by adding or taking away padding. 

Massage of the OM 510 massage couch is very thorough and invigorating. They have three timed programmed massages. These timed massages give a range of different treatments to soothe and relax your system.

You get four tutorial massage techniques. Manual therapeutic massage modes can be used to apply a particular therapeutic massage in a given part of the back. You can choose from tapping, kneading, rolling and shiatsu. You can even adapt the strength of the kneading or the tapping.

You also get a motorized lower, raise in the leg slumber with the Prestigio forcing blood into chair. The handheld remote control has individual buttons for elevating or lowering the couch back and leg recovery. This permits you to identify the proper viewpoint to receive your rub treatment.

The back therapeutic massage can work separate from the leg rest. You can just apply the massage to your backside. The lower body has an air pressure therapeutic massage which operates independently of the back massage.

The Prestigio has 15 safetybags that if a great massage to your upper thighs, buttocks, feet and lower legs. The air compression rub system gently but securely squeezes, holds and then releases these larger muscles. This is exquisite for reducing body and fatigue, getting rid of minor aches and aches and embrace blood stream and metabolism.

In case you have exhausted and aching feet, then let the Prestigio ease them. Specially designed chosen foot wells provide arousal to your feet result in points. Reflexology massage is known to induce full body invigoration and alleviation through the triggering of different points on your toes. The Prestigio uses engineered reflexology plates to deliver a good and alleviating massage.

The OM510 provides for an invigorating back again massage. It is effective in relieving the lower as well as then most massaging chairs we have try. The built rocker roller arms give and even massage. This really is a great way to relieve your fatigue in the lower back.

The OM-510 massage chair comes with a knee stretch out feature. The knee stretching helps to flex and stretch the knee joint. The leg rest is reclined slightly during various areas of the program to improve overall flexibility and range of motion.

The specially designed air therapeutic massage system works with the knee stretch feature. This kind of recliner gently stretches the ankle in the articulations while simultaneously providing expansion of the calf and thigh muscles. Daily use of the Prestigio massage therapy chair can help promote better health insurance and well-being.